Tê'TA tête avec Thibault Jean, Spartan Racer

Tê'ta head with Thibault Jean, Spartan Racer

Can you introduce yourself ?

Young 26 -year -old athlete living on the heights of the Sommand plateau, I start my 5th year in the French team Spartan Race.
With a sports start in badminton, running was finally the choice of heart! But after great performances on the Spartan Race circuit, I have been devoting almost all of my time to this sport for 5 years now!
The mountain shares and rhythm my life as sportingly as professionally.
Climbing, crossfit, road bike, mountain running and cross-country skiing are my weapons and my hobbies to be better every day.

What is your record?

  • Double holder of the title of the Spartan Race Morzine Long Distance Format
  • 2nd Sprtan Andorra 2020
  • 4th in the 2019 European Championship
  • Winner Spartan Paul Ricard 2019
  • 3rd in the 2019 European Championship
  • 8th in the 2018 World Championship
  • Winner Spartan Barcelona 2018
  • European team champion 2018
  • Winner Spartan Bordeaux 2017

And many more ... My Spartan Race career on the pro circuit is 52 races for 18 top 10, 19 podiums and 8 victories

    Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

    Nutrition is a very important factor in high-level sport, you should not leave anything to chance, which is why you have to be able to surround yourself with products that are best suited, your provides quality products, dosed properly and according to our needs, what more can add?

    What is your favorite product?

     The Organic drink Energy Flavor Wild Berry ! Without hesitation and I have nothing else added!

    Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you?

    My very first trail race, it goes back in 2013, I was just 17 years old, it was the belly on the ground, a local trail as we like them. Two formats were offered to me, a 5km or 13km, I started I therefore put myself on the 5km. Armed with flower shorts and badminton shoes at the foot, I went to climb the mountain! Unfortunately, I missed the bifurcation to start the descent of the 5km. So I found myself on the great course (which for me at the time was clearly inconceivable).
    I gave a good fun to the volunteer who arrived at the top of the tip of Chalane (the highest point of the big course) when I said to him "it's long for a 5km ..."

    Worse habit?

    A sickly need to calculate everything, exact racing time, time passing time, break time (all to the second) I spend hours ... it haunts me

    Favorite food after the race?

    Hamburger with reblochon accompanied by a pint of fresh local beer!

    Favorite singer/group?

    The White Buffalo

    Favorite movie / series?

    Supernatural !

    If you weren't you, would you be?

    I hesitate between being a cat (sleeping, eating, playing, a very coooool life) or the Maestro Julian Alaphilippe, for the aggressiveness that he is able to put in his efforts!

    What is the race you want to win one day?

    The European Spartan Race championships! After a 3rd then a 4th place, my preparation is only devoted to being the best during this event