Tê'TA tête avec Candice Fertin, Trail Running

Tê'ta head with Candice Fertin, Trail Running

Credit: Alanis Duc

Can you introduce yourself ?

Candice Fertin, 23 years old!
Haute-Savoyard, I am passionate about the mountains and it is quite natural that I have always practiced outdoor sports!
From a little one I practice these activities with my parents and my two big sisters. In summer we alternated between hikes and bike-bivouacs in homelessness! In winter, we were on alpine or background skis!
In college, I was a member of the "mountain" sports association! Orientation races, mountain biking, climbing, via Ferrata ... A wide range of outdoor activities always in a hell of a mood!
Although I have never practiced sports in competition or having had no specific activity, I have always loved the friendly challenges, the famous cross of the college or even ... to be the first of my family when it was To climb such a collar by bike, to arrive as quickly as possible on such a summit ...! In short, this competitive little spirit, but always in a good mood!
And then, I have always been academic and the studies also forged this "perseverance" spirit for me! Besides, I am soon graduated from a master 2 "mountain right", the title is better than explanations for Express my rigor and passion side;)!
Finally, it is no coincidence that trail has become my passion for two years now! Running in the mountains is not only a hobby, it has become my "philosophy of life" ... that I share with my boyfriend!
However, it was really since my participation, in November 2020 in the Golden Word Trail Series that I wanted to devote myself more seriously to this discipline! Being immersed 5 days with the biggest trainers in the world was an incredible experience to live at 22! And then there have been great opportunities, since since 2021 I have the chance to have a coach, to be athlete Trail on Running and to share this with the Ravanel team!


What is your record?

  • Hmm ... Unlike some trail athletes, I have no symbolic races for which I can talk about "prize list"! To quote some ...
  • The little red needles trail and the silver in 2020 for which I finish first with a nice chrono
  • My participation in GTWS in Azores in 2020 following my selection on the French segment
  • My second place in all the races of the Young Trail Challenge in 2019 (ie the YCC, the short race, the little tar)
  • Many podiums and victories on neighborhood races in 2019!

    Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

    Efficient and easy job products on a daily basis, it suits me perfectly!

    The fact that they are before/during/after effort is a good combo to best manage hydration!

    And then the little bonus ... The products are manufactured in France and are perfect for endurance sports!

    What is your favorite product?

    The Electrolyte range ! This is what allowed me to better manage my hydration for effort!

    And the Recovery Double Chocolate... that you can even include in recipes of recovery with greed (smoothies, cookies, yogurts)!

    Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you?

    During my studies, I took advantage of the three months of vacation in summer to work in shelters! I alternated for three seasons between an mountain pasture refuge ... and the refuge of the snack of the normal way of Mont-Blanc! Last year, I went up to the dome of snack daily at my break! And then ... as soon as the opportunity arose, hop I went to make a Mont-Blanc between the little already 2 a.m. Finally ... It is by these little escapades that I was able to keep the box ... Good and then work at 3800 meters above sea level, although it is tiring, "it makes the blood cells" as we say in the jargon !!

    Worse habit?

    Is it a bad habit of saying that I am very impatient? And yes ! I hate waiting ! Whether for training, on an appointment, at the restaurant ... or on a starting line!

    Favorite food after the race?

    I'm rarely hungry after a race ... But some time later, it is undoubtedly the chocolate that attracts me the most! A very crunchy dark chocolate tile, a good chocolate ice cream after a scorching trail, a hot chocolate after a snowy trail ...

    As long as there is chocolate, my faith, everything suits me;) (hence my little weakness for the double chocolate recovery of your Energy)!

    Favorite singer/group?

    Uh ... I listen to a little of everything or a little?! In fact I am more podcast than music or background music! When I run, I never take my headphones, I really like to listen to the sounds of nature!

    Favorite movie / series?

    Not surprising, but I love the film "Le Chocolat" with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp! A little romanticism from time to time does not hurt me since I am quite "raw apple" with my loved ones!

    If you weren't you, would you be?

    A squirrel !! This little animal full of energy, a little player and which feeds on hazelnuts and dried fruit! A lot of common points after all ...

    What is the race you want to win one day?

    Oh there ... Honestly I don't have a specific race that I would like to win one day, each trail always offers idyllic frames I think! But come on I'll say the Mont-Blanc marathon, it's beautiful and ... at home!