Tê'TA Tête avec Cédric Ludet, Triathlon

Tê'ta head with Cédric Ludet, triathlon

Can you introduce yourself ?

I am 24 years old and I come from Yvelines. I have been licensed at Versailles Triathlon since my debut in 2016. I practiced a lot of different sports before coming to triple effort (tennis, basketball, climbing, badminton, volleyball) but never really find my way.

I started the triathlon at the end of my engineering course and I quickly became addicted! My training volume has constantly increased since reaching 12 to 15 hours a week this season. I juggle my professional life in a consulting society, my social life and sport all year round.

What is your record?

  • Victory Trialong Bois-le-Roi in 2019
  • Victory Triathlon M Cepoy 2019
  • 3th Triathlon L Beauvais 2019
  • 7th Frenchman L Casteljaloux 2020
  • 9th Triathlon l deauville 2020

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

I can't stand heat in running or training, electrolytes allow me to stay hydrated properly. And I totally adhere to the values ​​put forward by TA. The products are effective in addition to being full of flavors and Made in France !

What is your favorite product?

The Electrolytes Strawberry/Kiwi pastilles, perfect for long outings in summer or strong sessions on Home Trainer in winter.

Worse habit?

Too much dragging on Strava and installs the sessions of others.

Favorite food after the race?

Everything that is fatty and/or sweet!

Tell us a fun/quirky fact on you?

I was doing an internship undertaken in Germany in summer just before I fire myself. The guys from the local club invited me to share their Sunday morning release. I arrived at the meeting point with my btwin, my mountain bike helmet and in running, they were almost all by chrono bike and crazy gear. I received valves on my hairs on the legs and my tourist quickdraw at each break but always in a good spirit.

Favorite singer ?

I listen to everything, not really preferably but I often have recall bites by listening to a roadgam of Kavinsky or intro of The XX to bring back the chills and the pressure of a departure.

Favorite movie?

I am rather series: Peaky Blinders, Himym, Stranger Thing…

If you weren't you, would you be?

Martin Fourcade, I admire his personality and I would not say no to have the same respiratory capacity as him;)

What is the race you want to win one day?

The Embrunman.