Tê'TA tête avec Arthur Serrières, XTERRA

Tê'ta head with Arthur Serrières, Xterra

Can you introduce yourself ?

Born in Auvergne, in Issoire, I started by doing mountain biking in my youth. Around 15 years old I turned to triathlon and quickly to the practice Off Road. With my boutique past and my love for outdoor sports I completely joined the discipline. I started to train hard after my baccalaureate, when I joined the Faculty of Staps in Clermont Ferrand. Since then I have not dropped the case and I continue to enjoy every day on the side of Montpellier. I graduated from a master's degree in staps and I finish a master's degree in the faculty of pharmacy in food science (and lots of "small additional diplomas"). I arrive thanks to the status of a high level sportsman to train more than 30 hours per week under the supervision of Aurelien Lebrun and the Montpellier Triathlon.

What is your record?

  • European Xterra 2019 champion
  • European Cross Duathlon 2019 champion
  • 4th in the 2019 European cross triathlon championship
  • 1st Xterra Italy 2018
  • 1st Xterra Romania 2018
  • 2nd European Elite 2017 European Cross Triathlon championship
  • European U23 2016 Cross Triathlon U23 champion
  • 3rd at the European Elite Xterra 2016 European Championships
  • 8 podium in Xterra 12 Top 5 in Xterra
  • European Cross Triathlon European Cup winner

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

It is a brand and a staff close to its athletes which includes the high -level process. The products are perfect for the endurance events that I am aligning and I like the range a lot.

What is your favorite product?

Hydration pastilles 

Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you?

After the Xterra World Championships in 2012 that I made as an amateur, there is the disguised haloween evening ... and as I had no place in my suitcase I took an original disguise ... a mankin (the same than Borat). I finished 2nd in the disguise contributions!

Worse habit?


Favorite food after the race?

A good ice cream

Favorite singer ?

Johnny Hallyday

If you weren't you, would you be?

Jan Frodeno

What is the race you want to win one day?

Xterra World Championships