Tê'TA tête avec Gédéon Pochat, Ski Alpinisme / Trail

Tê'ta head with Gédéon Pochat, ski mountaineering / trail

Can you introduce yourself ?

Like a large part of the young, I started sport with football (but I prefer that it remains secret 😂 ). In parallel with football, each year, I participated with my grandfather in a race next to my home, the climb of La Tournette. Growing up, family getaways quickly turn into long hikes. So I join the young group of CAF Annecy.

Sky mountaineering and trail become my daily life in order to overtime in the mountains all year round. After obtaining my baccalaureate, I move towards a study in sport study and produced a DUT phyic measures and then a license in trade.

Currently, I focus on my accompanist in medium mountain, in parallel with sport.

What is your record?

Mountaineering skiing (2019 - 2020 season)

- Senior 2nd year

  • 8th in the general classification of the vertical race World Cup
  • 6th World Cup of Vertical Race Andorra
  • 13th World Cup vertical Germany race
  • 3rd time of the Ski Touring millet season
  • Grand-Bornand vertical record

Mountaineering skiing (2018 - 2019 season)

- Senior 2nd year

  • 4th French Championship of Vericzl Race
  • Gastlosen Trophy Victory
  • 10th of the Pierra Menta
  • 30th World Cup vertical race Andorra

Mountaineering skiing (2017 - 2018 season)

- Hope 3rd year

  • 5th in the general classification of the Vertical Race World Cup
  • 5th in the European Verical Race Championships
  • Champion of France Vertical Race

Trail (2019 season)

  • Trail victory of the morbier
  • Gruyère Trail victory
  • Victory KMV Manigod (new record)
  • 5th KV World Cup in the Grand Serre
  • 2nd of the Ultra Montée du Salève

Trail (2018 season)

- Senior 1st year

  • Ultra mounted victory of the Salève
  • Nivolet Revard trail victory (21km)
  • Grand Chamois KV victory
  • Canigou Championship Victory (34km)
  • 4th Marathon Race (40km)
  • 15th Mont-Blanc marathon (42km)
  • 30th World Cup vertical race Andorra

Trail (2017 season)

- Hope 3rd year

  • Vice-champion of France hope of vertical klimuer
  • Victory KV Courchevel
  • Victory KV Manigod
  • Victory mounted from La Tournette
  • 4th Marathon Race (40km)
  • 5th Skyrace of Mathesins (1st hope)

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

Quite simply because the brand comes from a French manufacturing, which it perfectly corresponds to the endurance sports that I practice. In addition, there is something for everyone!

What is your favorite product?

Electrolyte pastilles (Tropical taste)

Worse habit?

I don't hold up!

Favorite food after the race?

Pizza! But not only after the race

Tell us a fun/quirky fact on you?

During a ski touring course, I fell during a descent and planted a carbon stick in the head ... We still went up to the refuge. The funny anecdote is that the coaches had to use the refuge guardian razor to shave my hair around the wound and be able to put the strips. It left me a beautiful scar

Favorite movie?

Forrest Gump

Favorite singer ?


If you weren't you, would you be?

A chamois

What is the race you want to win one day?

World vertical race championship in ski-alpi and the Mont-Blanc marathon on foot