Tê'TA tête avec Audrey Merle, Triathlète

Tê'ta head with Audrey Merle, triathlete

Can you introduce yourself ?

I was born on 05/19/1995, in Clermont-Ferrand and I have a little sister. I am licensed at Issy Triathlon Since September 2017 with for entraitor Guillaume Lepors.

It was at the age of 5 that I made my first lengths in the water lines of the Chamalières swimming pool.

Each year, the number of training and competitions increase just like my passion for water.

To "keep my feet on the ground", I put my tips from time to time on weekends and participate in cross-country in the region. A real treat that allows me to change the air! In the 6th grade, the choice to enter the planned swimming schedules is obvious.

My days are already full but I do not plan to reduce the rate at any time.

At the age of 16, I even left the family home to reach the swimming structure in Tours (the children of Neptune de Tours) And his coach Céline Page-Sabourin. The sports and school environment I have then, is more in line with my values. A very nice year is flowing.

But a phone call, whose importance I absolutely do not suspect, tips my daily life.

At the end of the line, a technical framework of the French triathlon federation having noticed my results in swimming and cross-country, offers to try the aquathlon (Swimming-to-foot on foot). I decide to accept this challenge by taking part in the French championships in 2010. I won the race with great surprise, discovering myself a new passion; that of chained sports. I then start towards new horizons and give myself all the chances of accessing the highest level by joining the Montpellier triathlon hope pole in September 2012. Stéphanie Deanaz then took me under her wing. Also coach of Jessica Harrison and Carole Péon (French representatives at the Beijing Jos in 2008 and from London in 2012), I know I'm in good hands. After a delicate first year, I started to make a place in the young French team in a constant way in 2014.

    In early July 2016, after a year 2015 marked by my first podiums on "Elite" races internationally, I learn my selection for The Rio Olympic Games. Certainly, I am not yet very experienced. This selection is a huge opportunity. I was aiming Tokyo and found myself projected from Rio. A very rich experience which will be a definite advantage over my competitors in 2020 which will not have been so lucky. The Olympic Games are the competition of a life par excellence, the one of which any dream high -level sportsman. Rio allowed me to learn To manage an exceptional event, to apprehend a race that everyone has been waiting for so long, to apprehend the so special atmosphere that results from it.

Since a very young age, I dream of the Olympic Games.

I dream of finding myself one day instead of all these athletes who worked hard to progress, improve, push their limit ... In Rio, I realized a part of my dream ... But with the experience, another dream Grows now in me: That of becoming the first French medalist in triathlon at the Olympic Games.

    The two years that followed Rio were extremely difficult. Health troubles have been linked, and despite perseverance, I can no longer find the keys to get out of this vacuum passage. I then decide to change my environment to try to rebuild myself. I arrived in September 2017 in Issy-les-Moulineaux and begins a new story with Guillaume Lepors, my new coach.

At the same time, I have always wanted to lead my studies and sport head on. So I finish my master 2 training: nutrition, biology, health in Paris in June 2018 before finally granting me a year for sport exclusively.

What is your record?

  • Vice-champion of the world of mixed relay 2014
  • Vice-champion of European junior 2014
  • Third at the 2014 junior world championships
  • U23 world champion in 2015
  • World Champion of Mixed Relais Elite 2015
  • 5th European Sprint Elite 2016 championships
  • 35th Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

A nutrition partner who seeks to best adapt to the needs of his athletes by promoting French manufacturing, it's still the best right?

What is your favorite product?

I have a lot of difficulty in hydrating myself properly ... In other words, I can be a real camel, even more when I play sports. I really try to correct this primordial aspect to performance and IDiscovering hydration pastilles I really help me since it brings just what you need to make me want to drink while allowing to compensate for the losses in mineral salts in particular.

Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you!

When I had my first points for the Volvic cross, I finished the toes full of blue because I forgot to remove the cardboard made to maintain the shape of the shoe in the store ... Result, I I suffered throughout the race thinking that I bought too small tips ...

Worse habit?

Always (but really always) look for something when leaving!

Favorite food after the race? 

SushiiiiiiiiSssss ...

Your book right now?

The books of Gilles Legardinier, a reading without headache, real moment of relaxation :)

Favorite movie ?

Million Dollar Baby, the color of feelings, the hearts of men, the little handkerchiefs ...

Difficult to choose actually. But you can say that if I watch a film from start to finish, it's already I really liked it ... Otherwise I can easily pick up ...

Favorite singer 

I listen to everything ... And above all I never retain the titles and very little the singers: P but I like Broken Back, Yodelice, Kygo among others ...

If you weren't you, you would be

A little mouse, I like to make my life without taking up too much space and being able to hide when I want: p

What is the race you want to win one day ?

Olympic Games ...