The history of Tā, your hydration, energy and recovery partner

Born in New Zealand and manufactured in France*

Having worked with some of the major sports nutrition brands, we realized that despite the quality of our offering we could do even better. Better in terms of nutritional value, better in terms of flavor and better in terms of effectiveness. So we set out to create new sports nutrition and  hydration products, based on our knowledge of our custumers needs and expectations.

The Tā brand was launched in 2018, by a team working closely for over 10 years with some of the most recognized sports nutrition brands. Our goal is to make high quality, natural and effective products accessible to as many people as possible without forgetting to indulge in tastings.
Daniel, the creator of Tā, brought not only his passion for sport and sports nutrition but also his 15 -year -old professional experience as a chef in great restaurants around the world. He has combined his passions to result in the creation of what we believe is one of the most successful and tasty sports nutrition brands on the market.

We work with laboratories and nutritionists rigorously chosen for their expertise in sports nutrition and their know-how. All our products are strictly controlled and tested in the laboratory but also in the field by our team composed of accomplished athletes and our partner athletes.

Currently, our range of products consists of hydration tablets, salt capsules, BCAA, multi-vitamins, and recovery drinks. Energy gums, organic isotonic drinks and magnesium capsules will be available soon. Follow our news on our social networks and on this site for the latest information on our products.

When we thought about the name we wanted to give to our products, we wanted to find a word that reflected their image: natural, simple, good and efficient. We drew our inspiration from our New Zealand roots and influences.

 In Maori mythology, Tāwhirimātea (whose affectionate nickname is “Tā”) is the god of thunder, lightning, wind and storms. What better name than that of such a force of nature to represent our energy products?

*Hydration tabs and isotonic drinks are manufactured in France. Our other products are manufactured in neighboring countries (Belgium or Italy)