Tê'TA tête avec Jean-Marc Rimaud, Triathlète longue distance

Tê'ta head with Jean-Marc Rimaud, long distance triathlete

Jean Marc Grimaud

Can you introduce yourself ?

Originally from Versailles, I bathed in sport from a very young age, thanks to the support of my very sporty parents. I started swimming at 8 years old in Tahiti as well as cycling on track for 4 beautiful years. When I returned to metropolitan France, I joined the classes with fitted schedules, swimming section, from Rameau de Versailles college. In 2006, I added a discipline to my training: triathlon. Quickly I integrate the Versailles D2 team, and I get a qualification for the French triathlon junior championship. The same year I also participated in the French swimming pool and free water swimming championships. On the professional side, I graduated from a professional baccalaureate in carpentry and a state certificate of sports educator for swimming activities. I also hold several federal patents in swimming and triathlon. This allows me to supervise many triathletes (young and adults) of triathlon and swimming clubs in Pontarlier. In this context, a development of my working hours allows me to train around 15 to 20 hours per week.

What is your record?

In swimming, podium at the French championship 10km swimming in free water and victory over Frances free water by team over 3km. I also made a final at the French N1 championship on 200 4NAGES. In triathlon, participation in the D1 events with my Versailles Triathlon club. In 2014 I qualified for the final of the World Ironman World Championship in Triathlon in Canada. In 2016, I continued to swim and I got the title of French masters in free water. I also participated in the Xterra World Championship. In 2018, I am champion of France Master on 4 races in the pool and 4th from the Swiss Xterra in my age category

Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you?

Fortunately there is not only one;) After almost 20 years of sport of the anecdotes, there are several summer, I go near Switzerland by the St Point lake. Small bike tour for an outing that was to be cool. The weather is nice, the legs are there, and I sing "Disney" on my bike. Suddenly I double a mountain bike, I am not really careful and keep rolling. After 10km, the guy is still in my wheel, so I gradually accelerate but nothing to do, he is still there. After 25km at 36 km/h on average, I stop and finally go back, the guy is wearing a Swiss champion jersey. So I ask him who he is: it's just Nino Schurter, 4x Swiss mountain bike champion! I would have learned a lot that day: you have to be wary of everyone

Worse habit?

Love the products of my new region: Comté, Morteau sausage, Mont d'Or, Raclette ...

Favorite food after the race?

A good pizza 4 cheeses supplement Lardon, with a small beer and a well -consistent dessert

Your book right now?

Run with the Kenyans (since the race is my weak point I try to learn in any way possible)

Favorite movie?

The green line / the last samurai

Favorite singer ?

I love listening to eminem before my shopping, otherwise it depends on my mood

If you weren't you, would you be?

A manta line

What is the race you want to win one day?

A XTERRA labeled in age group already it would be nice, after I do not take the start of the races to do 2nd ...