Tā Energy fournisseur officiel du Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Tê'ta head with naïs racasan, athlete

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Naïs Racasan, I am 18 years old. I grew up in Evian-les-Bains where I tasted athletics for the first time. I have been doing the half-distance from a very small one, and more particularly 800m since my younger years.

My dad was an international athlete on the 1500m. I followed the family traces, with my sister, and still inspires myself a lot of him today.

I have been training since January 2020 in Grenoble, with Alain Ponal and a group of boys who help me enormously.

What is your record?

  • In 2017, for my first "high level" year (Cadette 1), I was vice-French champion of 800m and was selected for the Olympic European Youth Festival, where I finished 5th. In parallel, I had a fairly special adventure since I made 3rd at the French mountain racing championships, and therefore participated in the World Cup in Italy! It was an incredible but extremely difficult sporting experience! I think it forged me a warrior mind !! So I had 2 selections in the French team that year.
  • In 2018, I won the French championships over 800m indoor and outdoor. I had 3 more selections that year: international indoor match on 1500m, which I won; U18 European Championships, where I finished 4th, and Olympic Youth Games, where I unfortunately injured myself in series.
  • After months of galley following my injury, I still managed to win a new title of French U20 champion on 800m (Junior 1) Outdoor, and a new selection in the French team, for the European championships U20, where I finished 5th.
  • My personal records are 2'04 "20 on 800m (carried out In 2019), synonymous with the 4th best French U20 performance of all time, and 4'26 "05 on 1500m outdoor.
  • Year 2020 zero zero But we hang on !! The goal will always remain 2024.

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

The TI products are of high quality and help me a lot about recovery. The composition of each product is not a long scary list, so I am confident and I see the effect quickly. Especially in summer, where hydration is very important.

What is your favorite product?

I would say the Wild Berry Taste Electrolytes, or sodium pastilles for hydration and optimal recovery after each effort.

Worse habit?

I want right away, I am impatient and it is not great in a sport where progress is slowly. What I'm boring what. And also, I eat too much. But that's life.

Favorite food after the race?

Fat, fat, graaaaas, especially if this is the last race of the season (otherwise, I try to be reasonable ...). Suddenly, a good big burger or a tartiflette if it is winter.

Tell us a fun/quirky fact on you?

If I didn't do a athlete, I would be barmaid. Or musician!

Favorite singer ?

I have too much. I listen to all possible kinds of music. But I will always remain faithful to the Beatles. Although my cute sin is to listen to Aya Nakamura before competitions!

If you weren't you, would you be?

Member of the Bowerman Track Club, from the Colleen Quigley style. The dream !!!

What is the race you want to win one day?

Games on 800m of course! And if not, a big international championship, it would already be good.


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